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Billionaire Sam Zell Talks Trump, SPACs, And Interest Rates In Forbes Q+A

Sam Zell is one of the legendary investors of his generation, known for his love of dealmaking, gold chains, and telling it like it is. The title of his 2017 autobiography borrows his favorite phrase: Am I Being Too Subtle? Real estate has long been Zell’s dominion, and he scored a giant win in 2007 with the sale of the REIT he built, Equity Office Properties, for $39 billion, at the top of the market. Less successful, his $8.2 billion LBO of newspaper conglomerate Tribune Co.— which went bankrupt a year later. 

Zell, 78, has a large capacity for spinning many plates in the air simultaneously, and because he enjoys operating in the public markets, you can invest right alongside him...

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How To Trade The Four ‘Too Big To Fail’ Money Center Banks

Bank of America (BAC), Citigroup C , JPMorgan Chase JPM and Wells Fargo WFC are the four money center banks considered too big to fail. Most analysts on Wall Street recommended these banks as 2020 began. I disagreed with this call given the high probability that the big banks face defaults on loans due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

One category of stress is in commercial real estate loans. Retail stores have been closing as shoppers stay at home and buy goods and services online. In addition, hotels are operating with low occupancy rates. When rental income declines below loan payments banks get squeezed.

Here’s the Scorecard for the Four ‘Too Big to Fail’ Money Center Banks

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Why QTS Realty Is Trading At All-Time Highs

In a nutshell, QTS Realty kicked off data center REIT earnings last week hitting on all cylinders and raising FY 2020 Guidance across the board, including revenue, adjusted EBITDA, operating FFO per share, and boosting capex to record levels.

In a Covid-19 world, many REIT asset classes have suffered and withdrawn guidance and/or cut dividends as tenants across non-essential industries have struggled to pay rent. On the other hand, secular trends such as ecommerce, work from home, and remote learning, have created opportunities in fiber infrastructure, cell towers, and data centers.

In fact, the Covid-...

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How Much Real Estate Brokers And Real Estate Agents Earn In Every State

Last year, we took a look at how much real estate agents earn on average in all 50 states based on data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ (BLS) 2018 Occupational Employment Statistics data. Now, in 2020, the BLS has updated salary figures for both real estate agents and real estate brokers. Based on the latest BLS data, the average real estate agent annual wage in the United States is $62,060, while the average annual wage for real estate brokers is $81,450.

These two occupations inevitably have very different salaries depending on where you’re working...

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Icons: Jim Sorenson Transforms Capitalism From The Ground Up

Forbes announced its first Impact 50 List in late 2019. What a difference six months makes.

Impact investors are not just our canaries in a coal mine – they can shine a path forward that aligns our economic engines with our humanity. And there’s room for more investors and leaders on this road. I’m sitting with each of our Impact 50 listers to understand how they’re disrupting our new normal to rebuild capitalism in ways that work better for all.

Our first icon and Impact 50 lister is Jim Sorenson. An early believer in microfinance, and a serial entrepreneur who started a video conference software for the deaf, Jim brings his own brand of creativity to transforming capitalism. 

Brendan Doherty: Welcome to Icons of Impact...

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What COVID-19 Means For Your Mortgage

What does Coronavirus mean for your mortgage?

Here’s what you need to know – and what to do about it.

Mortgage Relief

You may have heard that the CARES Act – the $2 trillion financial stimulus package – provides multiple benefits for student loans and student loan forgiveness. However, the CARES Act also offers mortgage relief. Like student loans, the CARES Act has two primary protections for homeowners who have mortgages owned or backed by the federal government. This means your mortgage can come through Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac or the U.S. Department of Veteran’s Affair (VA) to name a few. For these mortgages, the CARES provides the following:

  1. No foreclosures for 60 days after March 18, 2020; and
  2. If you experience financial hardship due to the COVID-19 pandemic, you can...

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